Wheelchair Mod’s

So I went to my mates Graeme’s today to modify my wheelchair. I have a basic foldable wheelchair as I do not use it full time I use it both as a walker and a chair depending on how I am going on a given day.

The thing we did today was to make some clothing guards/shields to replace the armrests that I took off. The armrests had bulky cushions and they were quite high making self-propelling quite difficult.

The old armrests that were removed

We got some 2mm aluminium sheeting and cut it to size and attached it with tek screws.

Aluminium Clothing Guard as fitted on both sides of the chair

I also have made brackets on the back to hold a air pump for the tyres and also for a walking stick

Air pump for the tyres
Walking stick

I thought of getting a walker instead of the chair but after some thought, I am going to use the chair as a walker. I can sit in it, get pushed in it, wheel myself and walk behind it. It has space for stuff in the pocket on the back as well as the space to hang my backpack on the handles for my laptop and other stuff.

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