Cool site to kill time

I cant sleep so im laying in bed on the laptop, its 0256 or it least I think it is as I removed all signs of conventional clocks in my room and on my laptop and have immersed myself with binary digital clocks (wikipedia) nothing like learning something by immersion.. the binary wrist watch (thinkgeek) is next.

Anyway enough of my mindless ravings I found this cool site to kill a bit of time and I made a few things as well.. I was to cold to do it my self on the gimp (Laptop is only a PII 300 with 3 gig hdd and 64mb ram running win 2k pro “Hey it only cost me AU$160 so shut the fuck up and pull your head in”) and it was to cold to go to the desktop so lets use online tools. 🙂

But on the subject of the gimp I did a self portrait the other day and I may as well post that as well while I am awake so here it is. Click on the image to see it full size

I know it isn’t the best has some compression artifact’s etc but it is my first attempt at something like this so I see it as a learning experience and I like it.

“Just a Geek” and his blog

Okay I am a bit of a “Geek” and as I told my nephew yesterday “Its cool to be a Geek these days” as he gives me that yeah right look, and it is so I am proud to be one, well the other thing that really got my attention yesterday is the blog WWdn:in exile.

It is the blog of Wil Wheaton (wikipedia) who played Wesley Crusher in Startrek, and it is really friggin good, like blew me away good. I was so wrapped up in it that I spent over seven hours reading through the archives and having a good look around and that took me through until 02:30. At that point my eyes where to tired to keep reading my laptop screen so I layed back in bed and listened to Radio Free Burrito which is Wil’s podcast.

Then today when I woke up I was back at WWdn:ix and was just hooked again, it is now midnightish and I have spent the better part of the day browsing both Wils stuff and stuff he reccomends from music to books, all fucken A. (his blog actually motivated me to start this one thnx Wil)

His postings have made me have a good look around and motivated me to go and buy his book “Just a Geek” and I haven’t even read an excerpt yet.

See this is the BPD I get hooked on something and read/research it until I am suffering brain overload read goo coming out of my ears, like this post has taken me over an hour so far because as I cruise around to get the links to put in I get distracted by the content and end up reading some more.

So if your a “Geek” or just didnt subscibe to alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die (Google archive) then his blog and podcast and I venture to say books (as i havent read them yet) look really good.

Welcome to On the border

Where to start, I guess with a warning.. (cue dark seedy music)

Borderline by its very definition (Wikipedia) makes me go through all sorts of weird thoughts and moods which often results in me splitting or seeing the world in black and white.

For example say I had just spent the last 3 weeks working my ass of to meet a deadline at work and finally managed to pull it off, most people at the office think that my project is pretty good and give me praise for the “job well done.”

Then some asswipe form accounting who has no idea of what it is I have really just done thinks that something doesn’t look right in the reports presentation (forget the content he doesn’t understand it) and tells me so. Mannnn… look out I “forget” all about the good comments and praise that the other 50+ people have given me and am now centered on that little asswipes comments.

Not am I only centered on his comments I want to kill him, to string him up by his balls and kill the fucker. “Why ?” Who knows ? I don’t, I just “spilt” and that’s it all rational prospective goes out the window.

Now this will most likely add some interest to my blog as well as the fact that as I get bored with something very quickly I swap and change around a lot so be forewarned that the subject material may be disjointed and seem to jump around, this is normal for me and is part of my live. So if you want to understand about BPD keep reading…