Desktop Snap

Here is a snapshot of my quad head display, it is 3 pc’s running across 4 screens and a pic of the desktop a. I use synergy to connect the linux desktop, the windows desktop and linux laptop I have the the synergy server running on the laptop so it controls everything with the one keyboard and mouse. I am hunting aroud for a good price on a logitech g15 keyboard to round out the desktop

Shitty day again

Man I had a bad day today, I was ready to punch someone while I was out shopping, not anyone in particular just the guy who didnt use his indicator, or the bitch that ran in to my wife with the trolley and didnt say sorry, she didnt even look up at me when I followed her and said with a slightly raised voice, “It would be nice if you apologised to my wife when you you hit her with a trolley”. Bitch.

Or maybe it was the people that kept pushing me aside as I walked the shops.

Cant even punch anything as I did that on saturday and broke my hand.

Ive been bad foe a few days, I was high this morning, last night was a low, this arfo was a low but the chuff has made me feel a bit better, I wish that A. the drug companies get out of bed and make a drug that doesnt make me feel like shit or B. the law decrims mull, or legalize it for medical use.