Ran out of oil

Well the RD seized last week. I ran it out of oil in the auto lube and didn’t hear it. I didn’t drop the bike when the rear wheel locked up and after it had cooled down I managed to get it the last couple of klicks home. I ripped the head of with Mick and the right barrel was scored, when he ripped the left off the top ring was missing and seems to have been for a while, that explains why it always felt gutless.

I sold the RD to Mick as is and brought a Yamaha XJ650 an 81 SECA model not the Maxim. It needs a few things for RWC and a lot of TLC. I have managed to track an XJ900 down for parts. The XJ900 runs okay but is missing 2nd gear.

Things I know I need to swap of the 900 (if any good) or replace to get a RWC

Indicator lens
Front Brake System
Rear Shoes or swap XJ900 disc rear end on to it
Electronic Flasher Can
Tail light globe
Tacho light

Been Depressed

Havent been doing much lately, I blew the motor in the RD it was good while it lasted. I managed to get my paws on an 81 XJ650 that I am working on. I would like to have it on the road for the stone run in Febuary but I dont think it will happen. I will see wha happens.

Been feeling down the last few weeks, i cant put a finger on whats causing it, doesnt help i have missed meds 🙁 need to do better with the meds