Cant Sleep and Quitting Durries

Its 4 am I have tried to sleep for the last hour or so to no avail, I have a bad head cold and I feel really bad, both physically and I also feel bad emotionally as I said I would go to church today but I really am feeling so sick and exhausted.

I have just given up cigarettes about 4 weeks ago and when I gave up I got really sick with pneumonia (

It really scared me there, I was so sick that i went to walk from the house to the shed, less then 5 meters (about 5 yards) and I had to sit down in the shed, it felt like a car was parked on my chest, it was painful and I was really short of breath, thats when i knew I was sick..

The Docs at the Hospital put me on two different broad spectrum antibiotics, I was on a total of 9 tablets a day, not including my normal ones (6-8 a day), and I hate pills but I took every last one of the antibiotics like a good boy, It scared me enough to never go back to smoking cigarettes

Jo-anne and I took the boys to the ward Spring fair, there were games to have a go at and everyone how took part then used the won tickets to purchase fairy floss (cotton candy) popcorn, as well as donated items in a little auction, all donated by the members of the ward. It was a great day but the sun was taking its toll on Blossy, Brodie was having a bad “Aspi” day and I have a head cold, all in all just another “normal” week in our household

I havent posted for a while but now I have a plugin for firefox that lets me post a lot quicker I might actually post a bit more often to all of my blogs.