Underwater ROV

I am working on a design for my ROV, here are a couple of pics of my basic design from the front and a pic of the control layout on a PS2 controller.

– Air Cylinder from Soda-stream (Aluminium)
– 12VDC NO Air Valve opens with loss of power to blow ballast.
– EDF electric brushless motor (run immersed in water)
– 2 EDFs in each pod wired together
– Pods are rotatable and reversible for forward/reverse and depth control
– 4 small vector thrusters located on each corner 45 degrees to frame
– 2 roller pumps to change ballest level in main trim tanks
– Camera has pan and tilt
– Arduino Mega for onboard control connected to servo board
– Electronic Compass, Pressure, Leak detection, Battery Voltage
– Weights are washers on all thread
– Frame is drilled to allow water entry
– Dualshock cotroller linked via python to arduino
– All telemetry and control via USB to 50m ethernet cable
– USB hub 4 port- Arduino, Camera A, Camera B
– High RES Still Camera with flash
– Car tyre valves backwards in ballest tanks to allow water to exit