CO2 for the fishtank

I added CO2 injection to my fish tank today, this is to help the plants grow. I added 500ml of water to a 2litre softdrink bottle, then added three teaspoons sugar and one teaspoon of bakers yeats. I wanted brewers yeast but the store didn’t have any.

Within 15 minutes with it on top of the light on the tank, the warmth had the yeast cranking, I am getting a bubble of CO2 every 1.5 – 2 seconds, I am feeding it in to the pick up tube of the filter pump to disperse it through the tank.

This should help the plants grow quicker..

I got a fish tank for the shack

I found a little 50 liter fishtank at a garage sale on Saturday, it has a Biofilter in the hood and had a heater and light as well. All for the small sum of 15 AUD . Ihave planted it out and have a couple of bits of driftwood.

As yet I havent put any fish in, I am waiting for a month or so to give the plants and bio filter a chance to establish, I put some water from a mates tank in it to get the healthy oranisims for the filter. As there are no fish in there it means no food for the plants so I  have fertilised the tank with seaweed fertiliser. I am hoping this will get algae and plants growing well.

All going well the plants will be enough to control the ammonia when the fish go in, I  havent got any photos yet but once it has settled down and the tank clears up I will take some then.