Some Photos of the shack

Here is a photo of my little 8 foot by 8 foot shack that I use as a listening post and as my workshop mainly electronics, bigger projects are done in the carport or yard. I have big plans this year for the shack, I am going to be builiding all new desks and a new floor for it, just need to save up the money for the job.

On the drawing board is also a vertical antenna using one of my antenna masts and a folded loaded dipole from three fishing rods, one cut down to 1.2 mt and 2 at just over 3 mt arranged in a delta for the fold, it will be rotatable and is designed for my small lot
. My backyard is 2.9mt wide by 12 meters long, I have a 10mt mast near the shack and a 12 meter mast at the the top that is on the house roof, the higher mast is for TV antennas and UHF CB and Scanner.
So far I have the masts up, the two TV aerials (One for Melbourne one for Gippsland) and a 10 meter long wire for Shortwave reception on 40 meters 1/4 wave length. I also have a UHF aerial for UHF CB (Australia) Tx/Rx on my motor bike, I have a mast/aerial made from aluminum pipe that goes flat packed on the trailer behind my motorbike, this extends to just over 8 meters as a mast for an inverted V antenna or sloped long wire. As a vertical reception aerial I extend it with a steel whip tip to get 1/4 wavelength on 40mt tuned with a bottom loaded coil, once I am finshed I will get some pictures of them up on the blog.

CW and Linux

I have recently gotten in to Shortwave radio, my aim is to get my amateur licence and get on the air to work the bands myself. At the moment I have two receivers, a realistic DX-200 my main receiver and a Boat anchor valve (tube) receiver for a bit of fun. The antenna is a 10m unbalanced long wire about 4-5 meters up.

I use Linux to do digital signal processing and also display the audio in waterfalls and spectrum displays. Here is a video of a CW session, note the bright spots on the PC that correspond to the CW, in real life I can read the CW from the screen, well I cant as I am still learning but you get the idea 🙂