Geek By Nature Linux by Choice

Well I finally took the plunge at around midnight and started to install Debian gnu/Linux.

I cant do things the easy way (my laptop is only a P II 300 with 160 MB and a 3 gig HDD) so I got the business card install about 40-50 MB and did a net install, I am using an old XIRCOM real port that overheats, it was high 30’s (celcius) today so I have the pedestal fan blowing on the card until I get the base install done and then get the Orinoco drivers running for my wireless..

Oh and I am doing a custom install to save space..

Wish me luck and lets hope that those swimming penguins can keep me afloat

Nearly a fatal wedgie

While just gliding around under her para glider 2,500 meters or around 8000 feet up Nicky Moss (of the English para gliding team) got attacked by a couple of wedge tail eagles.

Reuters is running the story about her twisted tail in outback New South Wales, in a bid to become a better para glider pilot and beat us in the world championships Nicky was just flying around minding her own business when a couple of Wedge tail eagles swooped in and scared her right in to a wedgie, and at that height I think it came with a skid mark or three.

“I heard screeching behind me and a eagle flew down and attacked me, swooping down and bouncing into the side of my wing(para glider) with its claws,” Moss told Reuters on Friday.