"Enlightment" for the masses

Some people will stick anything in a microwave for dramatic effect, me I will just stick to CD’s. On the subject of microwaves it is even possible to use a home microwave to “smelt” metals for that ring you where supposed to buy for your girlfriend but spent the money on a new laptop.

WARNING putting metal in a microwave oven is VERY bad unless you know what you are doing so if you have any reservations DONT DO IT…

Junk Bots Unite

There is this guy over the other side of nowhere that is as twisted as I am, he is into robotics and does some intresting stuff with what other people would junk and throw in the bin. His site is over at sprocket.twistedsouls.com so if you are in to recycling and creating your own “lifeforms” head on over.

Disclaimer: The other guy is my brother who does live on the other side of the country and I do think his stuff is great for what it is not who he is.